4 person mountain expedition tent - Macpac Hemisphere
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  • 4 person mountain expedition tent - Macpac Hemisphere
  • 4 person mountain expedition tent - Macpac Hemisphere

Hemisphere 4 Person Expedition Alpine Tent

Alpine style basecamp tent with UV30 PU fly. Torrentwear XP floor material for legendary toughness and waterproofness. Six pole dome design to comfortably fit 4 person s.

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RRP $1,499.95
Sale from $1,049.96
Design Features


An expedition base camp tent, tested and proven in the harsh environments of South Georgia and the Himalayas; the Hemisphere is relied upon by some of the world's leading adventure professionals. They value and trust its sound structure, the security it offers and Macpac's undeniable attention to detail.

  • Torrentwear™ XP floor-tub design, legendary toughness, waterproof
  • UV30™ fly sheet-premium protection during extreme conditions
  • Dual entry gives front and rear accessibility options
  • Six pole dome design-unparalleled strength and rigidity
  • Unique 6 vent system stimulates air flow managing condensation
  • Large double doors and vestibules with storm flaps for sheltered entry, cooking and gear storage in wind and snow
  • Double door system provides for both insulation and air flow
  • Numerous internal mesh pockets for organised living
  • Fully removable inner fabric roof panel extends the use into warmer months
Product Specs

Product Specs

Fly Fabric UV30™ PU
Inner Fabric 40d Ripstop Nylon
Floor Fabric Torrentwear™ XP
Pole Type DAC Featherlite NSL / 9.6 & 9.0mm
Pitching System Swift Pitch™
Minimum Weight (kg) 5.3
Total Weight (kg) 5.9
Persons 4
Floor Area (m2) 4.30
Vestibule Area (m2) 2 x 1.44

Cleaning Your Tent
You are best to clean your tent with a natural soap (non-detergent; e.g. pure soap, vegetable soap, Granger's Tent Clean or Lux Soap Flakes) and a soft-bristled brush. Rinse well and dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.
Reproofing Your Fly
After washing your tent with a solution of Nikwax Tech Wash, we recommend that you reproof the tent fly with Nikwax Tent & Gear Proof.

Condensation is an ever-present problem when you're trying to stay dry in the outdoors. You have probably experienced the same thing on a wet day when you have just climbed into the car and the windows seem to take forever to clear. In small tents, the problem is exactly the same and shows up as condensation on the inside of the fly.
Condensation is the result of atmospheric conditions, which we cannot prevent, but can only minimize with good design and an understanding of the factors, which can make the problem worse.
What factors will increase the amount of condensation? 
•    High moisture level inside the tent 
•    A big temperature difference between the warm air inside the tent and the cold outside 
•    Low ventilation to carry the moisture-laden air away 
•    Very waterproof tent material 
•    A high overall humidity 
During periods of high humidity, such as during rain, it can be impossible to remove or reduce condensation. In these conditions, even a high degree of ventilation can actually increase the condensation rather than reduce it. In dry snow conditions, the humidity is usually very low, which can help to minimize condensation.
The more effective barrier that the tent fly fabric provides to stop rain getting through, the worse the condensation problem will be. This puts our tent designers in a difficult position and they naturally tend to favour keeping the rain out.
Because we all have to live with condensation, Macpac tents are designed with a gap between the fly and the ground, as well as active ventilation systems, to reduce the amount of condensation forming.
What can you do to minimize condensation? 
•    Minimize the amount of moisture within the tent. 
•    Ensure that all available ventilation is used 
•    Pitch the tent to catch any available draft 
•    Leave damp items outside or in bags 
•    Dry the tent thoroughly between uses


UV30™ PU
The combination of lightness, strength and waterproofness makes UV30™ the premium performance fly fabric designed for use in severe cold, wet, and windy conditions. UV30™ is proven as a real performer through constant testing and use in New Zealand's Southern Alps and damp Fiordland Valleys.

UV30™ PU is a 30 denier double ripstop nylon 66 fabric with a high thread count. It is waterproofed with multiple coats of silicone elastomer on the outside while the inside is PU (polyurethane) coated.

The combination of a high thread count and ripstop construction gives UV30™ PU a higher tear strength than most other PU coated fabrics. As a result of the silicone elastomer coating, UV30™ PU fabric also maintains its strength when exposed to UV radiation over long periods of time.

UV30™ PU has a hydrostatic head of 3, 500 mm and is factory taped.

Torrentwear™ XP
Torrentwear™ XP is a densely woven nylon with multiple PU coatings for maximum durability and an outstanding waterproof rating – it has a hydrostatic head of 10, 000 mm.

The fabric weighs 104 gsm and provides an extremely high level of durability; both abrasion resistance and tear strength are exceptional.

The tent floor fabric wraps up the sides of our tents and all floor seams are sealed in our factory with special waterproof seam sealing tape.

40d Nylon Ripstop
Distinguishable by its regular grid pattern ripstop nylon is constructed from heavy threads that are interwoven at regular intervals. The advantage of ripstop nylon over other nylon weaves is its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, which prevents small tears from spreading. Constructed from a nylon 40 denier filament yarn, the fabric is coated with a water repellant coating to prevent condensation from forming.

Pitching System

When you’re tired after a long day out and about. When it’s raining cats and dogs or when darkness is about to set in, it’s important you can pitch your tent quickly and without hassle. Macpac offers different pitching systems, providing you with flexibility and ease of use.

Swift-Pitch™ tents are fast and easy to pitch. With a combination of pole sleeves and clips, pitch the inner first, then attach the fly, enabling you to choose whether to use the fly on warm evenings.


Tent poles form an essential part of a tent. They have to be lightweight and strong; rigid enough to stabilise the tent, but also flexible enough to give in to pressure from high winds. They also need to have a certain recovery to 'bounce' back after being deformed. Creating the right tent pole means finding the right balance between all these different qualities.

DAC Featherlite NSL™ (9.0 and 9.6 mm)
Constant research and testing makes DAC Featherlite poles among the best-balanced tent poles on the market. Featherlite NSL™ is the latest development of tent pole from DAC. The design allows a continuous thin wall build with expanded ends. This allows the poles to be lightweight and strong.

Featherlite NSL™ utilises Green Anodizing™ processing which minimises the toxic chemicals used during the anodising process.

Macpac uses DAC Featherlite NSL™ 9.0 mm and the 9.6 mm poles according to the specific requirements for each tent.

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