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The Wanaka Tent is a highly stable camping tent with ample height and dividable floor space. This free standing 6 person tent is easily put up with the Swift Pitch design.  

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Sale from $599.99

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Design Features


Highly stable Wanaka camping tent with ample height and dividable floor space. This free standing 6 person tent is easily put up with the Swift-Pitch™ design.  

  • PU coated 750d polyester fly, factory seam-sealed
  • 210d nylon floor with 10,000mm PU coating
  • 5 x 6061 Aluminium poles
  • Swift-Pitch™
  • Removable dividers creates two separate bedrooms & living room
  • Free-standing design
  • Dual entry and double doors
  • Multiple vent system
Product Specs

Product Specs

Floor Area (m2) 9.8
Floor Fabric 210d Nylon
Fly Fabric 75d Polyester, PU Coated
Persons 6
Pitching System Swift-Pitch™
Pole Type 6061 Alloy, 13.2mm
Rolled Size (cm) 67 x 23
Total Weight (kg) 11.1
Vestibule Area (m²) 1.1

75d Polyester Fly Fabric

75d Polyester is a 75-denier, polyester with a high thread count. Waterproofed with multiple coats of PU on the inside and outside of the fabric. 75d Polyester provides excellent strength, durability and UV resistance at an affordable price.


  • Hydrostatic head: 1,500 mm
  • Made of 75d Ripstop Polyester
  • PU coating for waterproofing

Torrentwear™ XP Floor Fabric

Torrentwear™ XP is a densely woven nylon with multiple PU coatings for maximum durability and outstanding water resistance. The fabric provides an extremely high level of durability with exceptional abrasion resistance and tear strength. Tents with Torrentwear™ XP fabric have a tub design that wraps up the sides of our tents with all floor seams are sealed in our factory for greater waterproof performance.


  • Hydrostatic head: 10,000 mm
  • Multiple layers of PU coating for water resistance and durability
  • Abrasion and tear resistant

Alloy Poles

For our camping tents we use 8.5 mm 7001-T6 alloy poles that are coated with a tough, black finish and 13.2 mm 6061 alloy poles. These poles offer excellent value for money and solid performance with considerable weight savings over other pole sets.


Cleaning Your Tent

You are best to clean your tent with a natural soap (non-detergent; e.g. pure soap, vegetable soap, Granger's Tent Clean or Lux Soap Flakes) and a soft-bristled brush. Rinse well and dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

Reproofing Your Fly

After washing your tent with a solution of Nikwax Tech Wash, we recommend that you reproof the tent fly with Nikwax Tent & Gear Proof.


Condensation is an ever-present problem when you're trying to stay dry in the outdoors. You have probably experienced the same thing on a wet day when you have just climbed into the car and the windows seem to take forever to clear. In small tents, the problem is exactly the same and shows up as condensation on the inside of the fly.

Condensation is the result of atmospheric conditions, which we cannot prevent, but can only minimize with good design and an understanding of the factors, which can make the problem worse.

What factors will increase the amount of condensation? 

  • High moisture level inside the tent 
  • A big temperature difference between the warm air inside the tent and the cold outside 
  • Low ventilation to carry the moisture-laden air away 
  • Very waterproof tent material 
  • A high overall humidity 

 During periods of high humidity, such as during rain, it can be impossible to remove or reduce condensation. In these conditions, even a high degree of ventilation can actually increase the condensation rather than reduce it. In dry snow conditions, the humidity is usually very low, which can help to minimize condensation.

The more effective barrier that the tent fly fabric provides to stop rain getting through, the worse the condensation problem will be. This puts our tent designers in a difficult position and they naturally tend to favour keeping the rain out.

Because we all have to live with condensation, Macpac tents are designed with a gap between the fly and the ground, as well as active ventilation systems, to reduce the amount of condensation forming.

What can you do to minimize condensation?

  • Minimize the amount of moisture within the tent
  • Ensure that all available ventilation is used 
  • Pitch the tent to catch any available draft 
  • Leave damp items outside or in bags 
  • Dry the tent thoroughly between uses
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Not too massive, not too small!

Jo, 16/01/16

Finally, a family tent that doesn't weigh a ton but still with plenty of room and the technology to handle whatever the weather throws at you. After years of pitching tents specific for hiking it's been a relief to find a family tent that isn't over the top; this tent is for those that enjoy the simplicity of what camping has to offer – camping not glamping!

Great family camping tent

Mark T, 21/03/16

Fantastic tent. Uses 4 aluminium poles to hold fly which makes it pretty bomb proof. Only used it for a couple of nights so far but it's very stable in wind. Also features a clever fabric for tent floor which seems to repel water i.e. we rolled the tent up dry despite it sitting on wet grass (it rained overnight) - amazing. Downsides to this tent were: (1) Not set up as a display in any stores so it was a leap of faith buying it (2) Stitching was a bit sloppy, although it was more cosmetic than structural (3) Instructions were in essay form and I still don't know where the tent shell grommets are supposed to be fixed to - a picture is worth a thousand words and pictures were lacking from the instructions (4) The internal partitioned areas are on the small size and unlikely to fit 2 adults. Overall an excellent tent that is made of quality materials and I'm sure will last well. You can stand up in the middle which is a real asset for family camping.


Robert Thomas, 22/05/16

Have used this several times since we've bought it. Great sturdy structure. Packs up into a small sports bag which is great to pack in the car. Thoughtful extras inside - e.g. tags for indoor lights to hang from, dividers so you can have individual sleeping compartments, and withstood rain without any problems. Kids love it and it makes you want to use it because it's so easy to care for and erect. Very happy with the purchase.

Good tent with a potential issue.

Peter Barnes, 09/10/16

I've just spent 3 month travelling the UK and other parts of Europe with my wife and 3 children aged 7, 9 and 10. I purchased the Wanaka specifically for this trip as I wanted to make sure I had a good quality tent.
Good points:
It may seem weird but what will stick with me most about this tent is the soft blue light that greets you in the morning even on rainy days. It may seem trivial but it brightened each morning. The tent itself was easy to erect and I could do it myself although I prefered help getting the fly over the top. Similarly packing up was simple and placing it in the bag was easy.
Once set up the tent was large enough for our family but we opted to leave our packs in the car. The "room dividers" were novel at the start of the trip but spent most of the trip rolled up.
The Vestibule is fairly small for the number of people but serviceable.
For most of the trip we had no problems with rain or condensation entering the tent. The only exception to this was a small patch where condensation that formed on the inside of the fly dripped through the mesh vents near the side rooms, this was only minor though.
The Issue:
Three weeks into this trip one of the Black (side) poles failed. On contacting Macpac I was informed the only approved repairer was in Edinburgh. As we'd just come from Scotland I decided to split the pole and see if someone could assist us in London. 5 days before we got to London (about 10 days after the initial fail) the second black pole failed in a similar position to the first failure and the next night both poles failed in a second position.
Arriving in London I emailed Macpac head office again and was told my only options in Europe were Edinburgh or the Netherlands.
The repairer in the Netherlands was great however, sending a full pole set to London for me to take what I needed and send the rest back.
These second poles have not failed, however I have been placing them in the peg loop and not there eyelet as a way to reduce stress on them. This hasn't seemed to negatively affect the structural integrity of the tent (though might have something to do with the condensation issue). I'm still yet to determine if the failure is the result of the tent design or a bad set or poles. I wasn't that impressed with the support structure in Europe though.
While I had the black poles out repairing them the rest of the tent seemed structurally sound and I felt would have got us through in a pinch if we were desperate.

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