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Totem 90

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Robust and durable nylon Totem bag. Zippered back panel transforms into a duffel style bag. Detachable shoulder straps for easy carrying.  

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CLUB $63.96
Design Features


A nifty piece of kit for globetrotters of this world. The Totem can be used in damp conditions as a handy raincover to keep your items dry. When you need additional protection for your pack (for example checking in for your next flight or when leaving it on top of a bus for hours on end), you can simply zip in the back panel to transform the cover into a duffel-style bag. This will protect your pack, the harness, stops straps from snagging on conveyor belts and provides additional security. Essential travel kit we reckon.

  • 210d nylon for robustness and durability
  • Taped seams to keep moisture out
  • Zippered back panel transforms the raincover into a duffle-style bag allowing you to take your pack as a piece of luggage
  • Lockable zipper pulls for essential security
  • Grab handle for easy carrying when fully zipped up
  • Detachable shoulder strap for even easier carrying when fully zipped up
  • Reflective logo ensures you are visible, also in low light conditions
  • Fits easily in attached cram sack
Product Specs

Product Specs

Weight Text 430 g
Main Fabric 210d Nylon
Total Weight (kg) 0.43
Capacity (L) 90

Cleaning Your Pack

You are best to clean your pack with a natural, non-detergent soap and a soft-bristled brush. Suitable soap types are: pure soap, vegetable soap and Nikwax Tech Wash. Rinse the pack well and dry it in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

Do not put your pack in the washing machine as this will void your warranty.


The manufacturer of our zips, YKK, intentionally makes the zip slider from a soft alloy. This is so the slider (which is relatively easy to replace) wears out before the zip teeth (which are very difficult to replace). So, when zips are used extensively and in dusty or dirty environments the inner parts of the slider are worn away to a point where they cannot bring the teeth of the zip together effectively.

To get the worn sliders working until they can be replaced you can use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the sides of the slider together. This should allow the slider to bring the zip teeth together. Don't use too much force because you can jam the slider.

Always try to keep the zip teeth as clean as possible. Wash them with fresh, clean water and lubricate with a silicon lubricant suitable for use on fabrics. This stops the dirt and dust from wearing away the insides of the sliders.


Find your Macpac Back Length

  1. Locate your C7 cervical vertebra. Working down your neck, it's the highest vertebra that you can feel protruding near the base of your neck. No need to press hard, you should feel it easily through your skin. This point is usually a bit higher than your shoulders.
  2. Its easier if someone helps you with this step. Measure vertically from your C7 to the floor in cm. Alternatively, mark the height off accurately against a wall or door frame with a piece of removable tape.
  3. Find your Iliac crest. That's the highest point of the top of you hip bone at the side. Make sure you are not taking the front of your hip bone.
  4. Measure vertically from your Iliac crest to the floor in cm. Alternatively, mark the height off accurately against a wall or door frame with a piece of removable tape.
  5. Work out the difference between the two heights in cm. This is your Macpac back length. It is typically between 32 and 44cm for women, and between 37 and 49cm for men.

Pack Sizing Guide



Womens Packs

Men and women are different in body form and how they distribute and carry a load. Macpac have a number of women's models in our Liberator™, Liberator™ Freeload™, AirFlo™, Quantum™, Dynamic™, Wraptor™ and Active™ harnesses that offer optimal fit, comfort and performance.Design features

  • Shoulder straps are closer together so they sit on a woman's narrow shoulders and don't slip off.
  • Hipbelt is longer and more flared to fit over a woman's broad and curved hipbones.
  • Soft dual-density foam on the shoulder pads provides comfort across the sensitive chest area.
  • Lower-profile shoulder pads with tapered thickness under the arms provides more clearance and reduces chafing.
  • Sternum strap is narrower and sits higher.

Small and less bulky buckles are used to get a neater fit on a woman's smaller frame. This also makes them easy to adjust and open with small hands. Note: Features vary depending on the load-carrying system

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Essential for travel

Steve, 12/02/14

Having used the Fairy Down pack cover, I found the Macpac Totem and bought 4 of the last 8 in the country (I was told), I am glad this carried over from Fairy Down, because it is one of the best pack covers for rain and travelling, tough and durable and keeps all the straps safe, wouldn't backpack without one.

Good improvements are the locking zips to prevent "dipping" when your pack is in transit.
Unfortunately, printed upside down.

Verity, 18/01/16

For me the best benefit of the cover is being able to lock up your bag when flying or on the numerous overnight long haul buses. It stops the straps from getting caught, damaged or ripped and prevents the oil drips getting into your bag. When leaving your bag at the hostel or bus station or even when walking through the streets you can be assured that nothing in your bag has been taken or added. When it rains the draw string allows you to pull the cover tight against the bag where as the rain covers tear easily and act as a parachute when the wind gets up. Finally, when you buy too many Alpaca blankets the layer between the bag and the cover acts as a second storage bag which means you don't have to constantly repack your bag. Also the Macpac logo is great for finding fellow Kiwis!
I have never regretted buying my backpack cover and although there are now some pretty flash travelling gadgets this is a simple classic with a lot of potential if you know how to use it. I recently heard the saying “there is no such thing as bad weather only bad equipment� and I now strongly agree in this statement having recently spent eight days with the worse rented sleeping bag in Torres del Paine, Patagonia.

Perfect for Overseas Travel

Daniel, 10/04/18

Really durable. Protected my pack on numerous plane and bus trips. The zip can be locked and has its own stuff sack. Perfect for travelling to third world areas where you find the pack stowed due to its size on the top of tricycles or compartments that leak oil or water.

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