• Kahuna 18 Black
  • Cloisonne
  • Black Iris True Blue
  • Kahuna 18 High Rise
  • Kahuna 18 Black Reverse
  • Black Raspberry
  • Apple
  • Crimson Red
  • Persian Red
  • Sodalite Blue
  • Saffron

Kahuna 18

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The Kahuna 18 is a lightweight, strong and weather resistant day pack. Designed for optimal organization, there’s plenty of room for a 15” laptop, A4 folders and all of your daily essentials.

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Currently unavailable online

Design Features


The Kahuna 18 is a lightweight, strong and weather resistant day pack. Designed for optimal organization, there’s plenty of room for a 15” laptop, A4 folders and all of your daily essentials.

  • 420d Oxford Nylon - lightweight, strong and weather resistant
  • T-Bone™ harness with Spacer Mesh balances breathability with stability
  • 3-D kidney bean style sac for comfortable fit and functionality
  • Heaps of internal organisation allows you to take a 15" laptop, A4 uni folders and all your daily essentials
  • Internal mesh sleeve (for laptop/documents) and zipped pocket for valuables
  • Zipped external pocket - features AirMesh electronics pocket with cover and small mesh pocket
  • Backtack reinforced shoulders-threadbreak tested to over 200kg
  • Convenient vertical grab handle-threadbreak tested to over 100kg
Product Specs

Product Specs

Main Fabric 420d Oxford Nylon
Total Weight (kg) 0.54kg
Capacity (L) 18
Harness T-Bone TM
Dimensions HxWxD (cm) 49 x 31 x 14

Cleaning Your Pack

You are best to clean your pack with a natural, non-detergent soap and a soft-bristled brush. Suitable soap types are: pure soap, vegetable soap and Nikwax Tech Wash. Rinse the pack well and dry it in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

Do not put your pack in the washing machine as this will void your warranty.


The manufacturer of our zips, YKK, intentionally makes the zip slider from a soft alloy. This is so the slider (which is relatively easy to replace) wears out before the zip teeth (which are very difficult to replace). So, when zips are used extensively and in dusty or dirty environments the inner parts of the slider are worn away to a point where they cannot bring the teeth of the zip together effectively.

To get the worn sliders working until they can be replaced you can use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the sides of the slider together. This should allow the slider to bring the zip teeth together. Don't use too much force because you can jam the slider.

Always try to keep the zip teeth as clean as possible. Wash them with fresh, clean water and lubricate with a silicon lubricant suitable for use on fabrics. This stops the dirt and dust from wearing away the insides of the sliders.


Find your Macpac Back Length

  1. Locate your C7 cervical vertebra. Working down your neck, it's the highest vertebra that you can feel protruding near the base of your neck. No need to press hard, you should feel it easily through your skin. This point is usually a bit higher than your shoulders.
  2. Its easier if someone helps you with this step. Measure vertically from your C7 to the floor in cm. Alternatively, mark the height off accurately against a wall or door frame with a piece of removable tape.
  3. Find your Iliac crest. That's the highest point of the top of you hip bone at the side. Make sure you are not taking the front of your hip bone.
  4. Measure vertically from your Iliac crest to the floor in cm. Alternatively, mark the height off accurately against a wall or door frame with a piece of removable tape.
  5. Work out the difference between the two heights in cm. This is your Macpac back length. It is typically between 32 and 44cm for women, and between 37 and 49cm for men.

Pack Sizing Guide



Womens Packs

Men and women are different in body form and how they distribute and carry a load. Macpac have a number of women's models in our Liberator™, Liberator™ Freeload™, AirFlo™, Quantum™, Dynamic™, Wraptor™ and Active™ harnesses that offer optimal fit, comfort and performance.Design features

  • Shoulder straps are closer together so they sit on a woman's narrow shoulders and don't slip off.
  • Hipbelt is longer and more flared to fit over a woman's broad and curved hipbones.
  • Soft dual-density foam on the shoulder pads provides comfort across the sensitive chest area.
  • Lower-profile shoulder pads with tapered thickness under the arms provides more clearance and reduces chafing.
  • Sternum strap is narrower and sits higher.

Small and less bulky buckles are used to get a neater fit on a woman's smaller frame. This also makes them easy to adjust and open with small hands. Note: Features vary depending on the load-carrying system

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Excellent pack

Szilvia, 11/11/15

I bought this pack 2 years ago and I use it every day. It is still in perfect condition not a tear on it or any damage in the material. I washed it and it looks like new. I love this pack just the right size.

Idleness, 01/04/16

Great little pack, just the right size. Took it to Japan for two and a half weeks and it was the perfect size day pack for walking around cities.

Best lightweight all-round and carry-on pack ever!

catherine, 30/07/16

I have been the proud and lucky owner of one of these beauties for around 4 years. The model I own may be a slightly older version, but is aesthetically and functionally very similar to the current model. This bag has been with me on endless world travels, living overseas, international conferences, cycling, scaling huge mountains, and is still in perfect condition. It is a sleek, low-profile and minimalist design which makes it lightweight and perfect for a petite female. I never fly without it. With smart packing, it fits my 13 inch laptop, DSLR camera with 2 lenses, inflatable pillow, small drink bottle, important documents etc. I am about to purchase a new one (only to have a different colour) and cannot speak more highly of this bag.

Couldn't ask for a better backpack

Fiona, 14/10/16

The review from Catherine said it all. I have an earlier version of this backpack and it has been my faithful travel companion for many years, across the world and has never let me down. It is just the right size to have on my back, and just perfect to fit my groceries in when i cycle to the store, to store under the plane seat in front, to have on my lap while on a bus, and to fit my textbooks in etc. It is only just starting to show signs of wear and tear now which makes me sad but it still has a lot more use in it yet. I am glad that even though I cannot find a replacement there is at least something similar.


Clare-Louise, 21/10/16

I resisted buying this small backpack for a few years, deterred by the absence of a hip-belt or external drink bottle compartment. However a recent trip to the Capital changed my opinion.
I was initially attracted to the new season's colour range and chose the Cloisonné Blue with its bright orange logo. I like the way this colour-way pops out.
This backpack also doesn't need a hip-belt as it sits above the lumbar area, sweetly snug, moulding itself into my back. It's a nice compact alternative to my Rapaki 30, and fits my petite frame well.
To reiterate its compactness, I find it fits everything I need for a day in town or for travel. The front external pocket is ideal for organising small essentials and electronics.
The internal pocket is surprisingly capacious, large enough for a small laptop, A4 documents, a small drink bottle, etc.
I also really like the small zipped top pocket in this compartment, ideal for organising keys, pens, etc.
This pack is useful for travel and everyday urban use. In fact I keep finding excuses to use it, instead of my larger daypack.

Most useful backpack

Nicnic, 27/11/16

I have one of these since 2012 and have used it almost everyday for work and travel between 2012 to 2015. Except for one of the zip cord that has snapped (easily solved by tying another cord to the zip) the pack is still gg on strong. Packs an amazing load of things despite its small size. Fits comfortably. Highly recommended.


Lisa, 03/05/17

I bought my Kahuna about 10 years ago and now I will have to start looking for a new colour...oh the choices. In all these years only the sternum clip broke and I would have been able to get that replaced if I was still in AU or NZ. The best backpack. Can't recommend enough.

Great size bag!

Leah, 19/03/18

Purchased to take on the tongariro crossing next weekend. Surprised how much I managed to pack into it today on a trial run thinking it would be too small. Easily got in a pair of spare lightweight trainers, 2l of water, raincoat, merino leggings, spare socks, a lightweight hoodie and still room to spare for food and snacks. Purchased with the intention of continuing to use for university afterward as well and it will easily fit my laptop and uni supplies. Love the colour selection as well, I got rhododendron and it's a stunning burgundy colour I haven't seen in any other stores. Highly recommend!

Sturdy bag

Lydia Mills, 11/04/18

I bought this style of bag four years ago, for my daughter who started primary school. I sought to buy a bag which is sturdy for to last her a long time and to promote posture because kids school bags are usually full of stuff: lunchboxes, books, homework, project, sweater, hats, toys! This bag has lasted so far four years of daily kid use, being hung, pulled, thrown, shoved and slid. It fits everything that the girl needs and is easy to keep clean, For example the spilt yoghurt, cookie crumbs or the slimy banana.
The slim fit means it is easy for the girl to wear since she started and the style means she doesn't get fed up with it like other "fast fashion" bags which go out of style. I intend to buy another for my other daugter.

versatile little pack

ristari, 04/07/16

I used this pack as my day pack/carryon during a 3 month trip around SE Asia; it has a bit of fraying on the back of the harness around the seams but is purely cosmetic. I like the kidney shape, it sits well on the back and has a fairly low profile for negotiating crowds. it was a good size although I don't think it's quite 18L with its rounded corners, and wouldn't try to carry anything bigger than a 11inch MacBook in it myself - don't think you'd get much else in it otherwise. harness was very comfy and didn't get too sweaty. Big fan of the internal zipped pocket - it is great for hiding away valuables from sticky fingers. if this bag had an external bottle pocket I'd have given it 5 stars - this feature was sorely missed in my travels and is the sole reason I've purchased another pack.

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