Fund for Good

Here at Macpac, we’re passionate about creating long-term change for the good of people and planet. The Macpac Fund for Good is our way of giving back through cash or gear grants to non-profit organisations whose core focus is long-term positive impact in at least one of the following three areas:

  1. The protection, regeneration or monitoring of native flora or fauna; or
  2. Providing adventure-based learning, therapy or environmental education; or

Customers can support the Fund for Good by purchasing Fund for Good products or by refusing a bag in-store. Every time this is done, Macpac contributes $0.20 into the Fund for Good, to enable us to support more organisations doing positive things.
If you’re involved in a charitable organisation working on any of the above areas and need support please get in touch by emailing with the below information:

All our cash grants have been allocated for this financial year, if you’re in need of a Macpac gear grant, please get in touch.

Applicant Requirements

  1. An introduction that includes their purpose, objectives and location/s
  2. Details on the type and value of grant requested
  3. Details on who/what will benefit from the grant
  4. Details on how they will benefit from the grant in the long-term

Applicant Exclusions

The Macpac Fund for Good does not make grants for:

  • Commercial activities of non-profit organisations
  • Competitive, high performance or elite sports or arts activities
  • Educational or religious institutions
  • Individuals, one-off events or raffles
  • Projects which have already been completed
  • Projects that are political or activist in nature, or aligned with political parties
  • Projects that have no long-term, positive social or environmental impact
  • Projects that are outside of New Zealand, Australia or their territories
  • Expenses related to electricity, leases, promotion, advertising, marketing, print collateral, salaries, community gardens

Rainforest Rescue Logo

Rainforest Rescue

Protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia since 1999. Macpac support is financial aid to help equip the organisation’s new high capacity nursery with tools. The nursery is crucial for dramatically scaling the output of native species to be planted in the Daintree. You can support Rainforest Rescue by visiting

Stepping Stone House Logo

Stepping Stone House

An award winning Australian organisation providing homeless and at-risk youth with accommodation and personal development programs.
Macpac support is gear to equip youth for their outdoor learning camps. The camps are aimed at developing the emotional resilience, self confidence and self-esteem of participants through adventurous activities in the great outdoors.
You can support Stepping Stone House by visiting

Koala Action Gympie Region Logo

Koala Action Gympie Region

Creating a Koala-aware community.
Macpac support is financial aid for a project to plant 300 koala food and habitat trees. The community based team at Koala Action Gympie Region are on a quest to protect their local koala population. Their aim is to provide safe connectivity for koalas between known habitat areas in the region. Following the bush fires of 2019, there have been calls to have their national status to be upgraded from “vulnerable” to “endangered”.
You can support Koala Action Gympie Region or even volunteer by visiting

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Logo

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Conserving native Australian wildlife and nurturing the local indigenous heritage for over 70 years.
Macpac support is financial aid for their Richmond Birdwing Butterfly conservation project. The Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia) is the largest subtropical Australian butterfly and is listed as vulnerable (Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992). The caterpillars only feed on two species of vines, both of which are vulnerable to habitat losses from forestry, farming, residential clearing and burning.
You can support Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary by visiting

Birdlife Australia

CSIRO – Garragal Project

Managed by Kamilaroi women, the Garragal project aims to bridge the gap between Indigenous and western science knowledge of plants and animals.
On the traditional lands of the Kamilaroi Nation (north-eastern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland), a group of women are at the heart of this ground-breaking cultural knowledge project. ‘Garragal’ means to bridge the gaps.
The project aims to increase Kamilaroi women’s sense of identity and empowerment by reconnecting them to their languages and cultural knowledge. This project will focus on the collection, protection and sharing of Indigenous ecological knowledge and language names for plants and animals. Macpac support is financial aid to purchase recording equipment for the project.
You can find out more by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Ark in the Park

Restoring the natural world of the Waitākere Ranges.
Located within Cascade Kauri Park and the Waitākere Ranges Regional Park, Ark in the Park is home to ancient forest giants, pristine waterfalls and streams, and some very special wildlife. The Ark is a collaborative project between Forest & Bird and Auckland Council, supported by local mana whenua Te Kawerau ā Maki. Over 400 volunteers dedicate more than 10 000 hours a year to help protect at-risk native species such as the kōkako. Macpac support is Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) for volunteers operating in remote locations.
You can support Ark in the Park by visiting

Birdlife Australia


Rehabilitating injured birds using ancient and modern falconry techniques.
From grassroots beginnings in the 1980’s, Wingspan is now recognised as New Zealand’s leading conservation, education and research organisation for birds of prey. Wingspan supports wild populations directly by releasing captive bred falcons and rehabilitating injured wild birds. Through research and advocacy, Wingspan also supports long-term sustainable conservation action by identifying the reasons for the decline in wild populations and promoting action to reverse this. Macpac support is financial aid to implement new GPS tracking technology to the program.
You can support Wingspan by visiting

Birdlife Australia

One Chance

Facilitating Adventure Based Learning (ABL) activities that build confidence and promote interest in tertiary training.
Macpac support is gear for a lending closet so the participants in their outdoor based programmes are fully equipped. Students participate in outdoor and indoor rock climbing, abseiling, ropes courses, waka ama, kayaking and low impact land based ABL programs require some degree of developmentally appropriate risk-taking.
You can support One Chance by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Ignite Sport

Inspiring young people and impacting communities through sport.
Ignite Sport is a volunteer-based youth development organisation offering a unique delivery style. Using sport and recreation to engage, Ignite Sport encourages young people to consider character, values, balance and heart. Macpac support is gear for a lending closet for a new program aimed at youth with special needs. The program culminates in a challenging tramp into the Orongorongo Valley.
You can support Ignite Sport by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Cromwell Youth Trust

Advocating for youth throughout the Cromwell area.
Cromwell Youth Trust aims to provide a safe and supportive environment where young people have the opportunities to express themselves openly, to be treated as equals, to have the opportunity to participate, to be heard, and guided by trusted and dedicated youth workers. The trust runs programmes that engage youth in challenging activities, providing opportunities to experience success, develop new recreational skills, as well as engage in outdoor activities they may have never tried before. The goal is to provide positive experiences that foster long-lasting participation in active recreation. Macpac support is gear to facilitate the program.

Birdlife Australia

YMCA Raise Up

Raise Up is a programme that is run by young people for young people.
Established in 2002, Raise Up has built on the long and successful history YMCA has had working with youth in local communities. The Raise Up programme is the YMCA's current youth development programme and covers all areas that cater for 13-18 year olds including events, workshops, outdoor activities, youth fitness and youth volunteering. Macpac support is gear to be used by the participants in the outdoor activities.
You can learn more about Rise Up by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Birdlife Australia

Protecting and enhancing the populations of native birds across Australia. Macpac support is financial aid and gear for their beach resting bird program for threatened Hooded Plovers. This project has wide-reaching benefits ̶ beyond saving a threatened species – including keeping locals connected with nature, fostering conservation and environmental stewardship in the community and helping Australia's beaches become healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy. You can support Birdlife Australia by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Experience Purangi

Community initiative protecting 13,000 hectares of land for more than 4000 Western Brown kiwi.
Macpac support is gear for staff. Ongoing predator control allows the kiwi population to continue to increase. This is a success story turning a declining population into one which is growing and is a national stronghold for the future of the North Island Western Brown Kiwi.
You can support East Taranaki Environment Trust by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Graeme Dingle Foundation

Providing school based programs to support youth through experiential learning in the great outdoors.
Macpac support is gear for the Project K program. Project K is an intensive intervention program, designed to work with year 10 students who lack confidence and direction. For three weeks the wilderness provides the backdrop for students to learn and develop skills around goal setting, teamwork, perseverance, self-reliance and self-knowledge. After camp-based learning, students go on a wilderness journey that may include kayaking, abseiling, tramping, mountain biking and camping.
You can support The Graeme Dingle Foundation and Project K by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Journeys Central Otago

Build community of wahine who actively participate in outdoor adventures.
Macpac support is gear for participants. Based in Alexandra, Central Otago, Journeys’ vision is to empower young women through adventure in their local wild places. “We connect with ourselves, others and wild places. We empower kōhine through meaningful experiences. We inspire by growing our community of female adventurers”.
You can participate in Journeys’ adventures or support their initiative by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Out there Kowanyama (OtK)

Mentoring and empowering youth from the remote Kowanyama Indigenous community in Australia, who are at boarding school.
Macpac support is gear and financial aid to equip the youth for their adventure-based personal development programs. The programs include outdoor activities, as a means to engage the youth and help guide them through some of the difficult life adjustments faced by boarding school children.
You can support Out there Kowanyama by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Reef Check Australia (RCA)

Dedicated to protecting Australia's reefs and oceans by engaging the community in hands-on citizen science research.
Macpac support is financial aid for cameras to assist with underwater reef surveys. Reef Check Australia aims to increase the scale of monitoring and positive action on reefs. Trained volunteers collect important reef health data using a globally standardised protocol. Reef Check Australia focuses on educating and empowering community volunteers to better understand, appreciate and protect oceans and marine environments.
You can support the efforts of Reef Check Australia by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Stepping Stone House

An award winning Australian organisation providing homeless and at-risk youth with accommodation and personal development programs.
Macpac support is gear and financial aid to equip youth for their outdoor learning camps. The camps are aimed at developing the emotional resilience, self confidence and self-esteem of participants through adventurous activities in the great outdoors.
You can support Stepping Stone House by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Te Waiariki Purea Trust (TWPT)

Supporting rangatahi navigate these unusual times, as well as develop skills that will support them in future employment, education or training.
Macpac support is gear to aid TWPT’s Outdoor Experience and Employability Skills Program. In this program rangatahi gain experience in water safety, river crossing, a range of water crafts and demonstrate personal and social development through participation in adventure based experiences.
The team-based outdoor activities are used to stimulate and create positive educational gains. Experiential learning is a key component to this program’s success and rangatahi are encouraged to shape the direction of each day and the program as a whole.
You can support Te Waiariki Purea Trust by visiting

Birdlife Australia


Providing support to First Responders of Emergency Services, including firefighters and police officers.
Macpac support is gear for outdoor-based programs. Programs are aimed at providing First Responders and their families with assistance and resources to address specific needs such as post-traumatic stress treatment, critical incident support, outreach and community engagement. These specially designed, team-orientated journeys within South-East Queensland allows participants to reconnect with nature through bush treks and engage in team environments to build support networks.
You can support Trek2Health by visiting

Birdlife Australia


Connecting learners to opportunities, filling gaps in education across Early Childhood, Schools and Adult and Community Education.
Macpac support is gear for the CACTUS program. The CACTUS (Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit and Support) program started in 1998 as the vision of Hokitika Community Constable Rob Fox for a community-based program that could assist local youth in their personal development. Participants go through an intensive fitness and skills course extending their physical, social and character development through physical activity and team building.
You can support WestReap and the CACTUS program by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Whakatāne Kiwi Trust

Community lead project monitoring and protecting kiwi population in Whakatāne area.
Macpac support is financial aid to purchase additional predator traps. Predator management is critical for kiwi populations to recover, with survival rates of kiwi chicks in an unprotected area reported to be only 5%. The trust is focused on increasing the density of traplines, expanding the trap network to a wider area and maintaining or replacing old traps where necessary.
You can support Whakatāne Kiwi Trust by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Whenua Iti Outdoors NZ

Facilitating personal development through challenge in the outdoors.
Macpac support is gear for outdoor program participants. Whenua Iti Outdoors’s adventurous youth programs include tramping, mountain biking, climbing and more. They focus on the development of key personal skills including communication, positive attitude, teamwork, willingness to learn, resilience and self-management.
You can support Whenua Iti Outdoors by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Wildlife Rescue Queensland (WRQ)

Conserving native habitats and rescuing wildlife in the Moreton Bay region.
Macpac support is gear for volunteers who work in the field. WRQ cares for a wide range of species of Australian native fauna including koalas, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, birds and many more. The organization rescues, rehabilitates and releases native fauna and provides education to the public on many issues relating to the welfare of wildlife.
You can support Wildlife Rescue Queensland by visiting

Birdlife Australia

Women’s Adventures ACT

Giving women the skills and experiences to participate safely in the great outdoors.
Macpac support is gear for participants. Women’s Adventures is a volunteer-led, community group based in Australia's capital city Canberra. Walking at moderate pace is a keystone activity for the Group, who’s focus is about participation of women who are looking for an entry point into adventure. The Group also runs educational and skills building activities such as beginner navigation courses and outdoor skills such as knot tying and camp cooking.
You can become involved or support Women’s Adventures ACT by visiting

Birdlife Australia


Urban eco-sanctuary and conservation project reintroducing wildlife back into their area.
Macpac support is gear for the Youth and Community Program’s kit closet. The Youth and Community Program is a new outdoor-based social initiative developed to support more communities to connect with taiao nature in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Many people face economic, physical or even cultural barriers to getting into nature. Zealandia is aiming to help overcome some of these barriers by providing participants with the gear to accommodate comfortable, safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences.
You can participate in Zealandia’s education programs or support them by visiting