Notes from the trail

Heading on a day trip? Here's how to pack a hiking day pack.
3 mins
Some call it prime adventure season, others call it shoulder season. Whatever you want to name it, here's how to make the most of Autumn.
3 mins
With new-age GPS it's easy to forget the magic of manual navigation. The good ol' paper map & compass. Here Caro Ryan will teach you navigation for beginners.
8 mins
250 km northwest of Melbourne lies the outdoorsy, nature-loving town of Halls Gap. As the name suggests, the 500 or so folk who call this town home, snuggle down between two shoulders of Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park.
6 mins
It's hotter, dryer, and the snowline is as high as it can be. How a change of season changes your adventure.
5 mins
Warmer air, longer days, and lighter moods. Spring has arrived. How a change of season changes your adventure.
3 mins
Braden Currie and his son adventured to the West Matukituki Valley in Mt Aspiring National Park to hike up Cascade Saddle.
4 mins
Learn about the principles adventurers should live by and some lesser-known tips for the trails.
15 mins
An Australian bushie, turned search and rescue leader, passionate about getting people outdoors. Read all about Caro here.
We’ve come up with a handful of tips to help your kids fall in love with the great outdoors. Read them all here