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Dripping Blue backpack on someones back in the rain


When surrounded by nature, having the confidence to extend yourself beyond your own personal boundaries comes not only from within, but also from the belief in the performance of your gear. Through the design and manufacture of durable, high-performance outdoors clothing and equipment, we play a valuable part in the safety, enjoyment and comfort of your outdoors experience.
This commitment to durability not only meets your needs, but also fulfils an important role in the sustainability of our nature environment. Through creating products that have a long life, we limit waste and reduce our environmental footprint.


Macpac offers a repairs service.

We know that repairing before replacing is easier on the Earth. Besides, a patch on a ripped jacket is a badge of honour.

Gear is always worth fixing, I've repaired the most well travelled Macpac packs and other well worn pieces. You can really sense the most loved gear and that just proves the longevity and performance of Macpac design. - Christine Billing - Repairs Specialist - 20 yrs


Rethinking the materials we use for our gear has the greatest potential for lowering our environmental impact.
Macpac Designers and Developers are working tirelessly to increase our use of more responsible materials from one season to the next. We hope you take some time to learn more about these fabrics and the technologies we use as we continue on our sustainability journey.

Gavin Davidson – Design Manager

Sustainability - Mountain River Photo with dense bush and blue sky

Dripping Blue backpack on someones back in the rain


The story of AzTec® Canvas is almost as old as Macpac itself. We first developed this poly-cotton canvas in 1978 - it was near bullet proof, and could handle New Zealand’s unforgiving conditions.
In 2011 we developed EcoAztec® using organic cotton, because durable and ‘environmentally friendly’ should go hand in hand.


Since Winter 2020 all of our t-shirts are made from Fairtrade sourced organic cotton.
We chose to partner with Fairtrade because under their auspices cotton growers are guaranteed a minimum price for what they farm, helping them establish financial security and making them less vulnerable to poverty.

Sustainability - Mountain River Photo with dense bush and blue sky

21,296 - The amount of organically grown cotton in our summer 2020 range.

Dripping Blue backpack on someones back in the rain


We feel good about feeling warm and we’re proud that 100% of our down products are certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Macpac is committed to using ethically sourced down - a by product from the food industry that is free from cruel practices such as live-plucking and force-feeding.


We set goals to increase the use of bluesign® fabrics. The bluesign® System represents a holistic method for fabric and trims manufacturers to address the impact of their materials on our health and the environment. It involves a traceable commitment to more responsible and sustainable manufacturing methods.
When a material has been manufactured to bluesign® criteria, that material was made with the responsible use of resources and the lowest possible impact on people and the environment.
Learn more from the bluesign® website.

Bluesign Fabric - 49% of fabrics used in our summer 2020 range is made to bluesign standards