Long Haul Travel Gear Checklist

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Your tickets are booked, your passport is good to go – and you’ve already started planning activities – but you’re leaving your packing until the last minute. Let’s face it – packing is one of the least enjoyable aspects of travel. But spending some time getting organised will make all the difference to your journey. We’re all very familiar with the luggage weight restrictions on international flights – but we can help you to keep your travel gear as light as possible. After all, you’ll want to save plenty of room for all the things you’re bound to bring back with you!

We’re keen travellers too – so we’ve selected our favourite travel gear to help you to get the best out of your travels this summer.



Your main luggage needs to be durable, and easy to move around. The Wheeled Duffel 120 fits both of these requirements – and more. Made from tough 1000d nylon with a thick PU coating,

this wheeled duffel can easily handle the rigours of international travel. It features a large main compartment with lockable zippers for security. The Wheeled Duffel 120’s telescopic handle allows it to easily be steered around busy airports and crowded

train stations.This luggage is also incredibly versatile, due to its multi carry options. You can remove the shoulder straps and carry it like a backpack, or for those who prefer the function of a suitcase, there are two grab handles – very convenient

when you’re grabbing your gear from the airport’s conveyor belt.


Inspired by the journey, the Global Range is perfect for a range of travels. Constructed with durable Cordura™ Nylon, and an aluminium frame, these bags are both lightweight and tough – ideal suitcase alternatives. Luggage in the Global range also features

plenty of pickets to keep your gear organised.


  • Global 55
  • Global 80


Backpackers can’t go wrong with the Castor 70. It has a streamlined face, giving it both a smart appearance and extra security for the security conscious, as the pockets aren’t accessible

when the pack is being worn. This is perfect for those who are constantly moving on and off various forms of public transport. This 70L pack has plenty of space for your gear, with compression straps to reduce volume and secure your load, as required.

The pack opens like a suitcase, revealing internal detachable packing ‘pods’ which can be customised according to personal preference. One of the main drawcards is the detachable 15L day pack – ideal for smaller day trips when you don’t want to lug around

your full pack. This detachable pack sits securely on top of the main pack, and when removed can be worn several ways – as a backpack, over your shoulder, or around your waist as a ‘bum bag’.


Travelling light doesn’t mean you should go without anything you’ll need to stay comfortable on your adventures. Look for technical fabrics with smart cuts – if you can blend style with outdoor functionality, you’re good to go! This summer, we expanded

our travel clothing range with Hike Tights, Travel Lite Shorts and Travel Chinos. All constructed with a super lightweight Pertex® Equilibrium nylon stretch fabric, these garments are not only breathable, but they’re also exceptionally tough and abrasion

resistant. As an added bonus, they have added sun protection, with a UPF50+ rating. The quick-drying nature of this fabric also makes them easy to care for – ideal for travellers who find themselves cleaning their clothes on-the-go. To make them even

more versatile, each is constructed with a smartly styled fit, meaning you could wear them from a hike or swim (yes, a swim!), right into a walk around the city or dinner out.


When you’re travelling in warmer climates, make you sure select tee’s that are made from fabrics that breathe in the heat. Fabrics like merino are great because they offer natural temperature regulation, keeping you comfortable when it’s hot, and warm

in the cooler parts of the day. There are also a number of clever natural/synthetic blends that feel soft on skin, while providing a number of extra benefits such as quick-drying and anti-wrinkle properties.


  • Hyland Merino 120 Tee Womens – lightweight merino is perfect for travel – and this versatile tee combines it with sustainable Sorona® Polyester which enhances merino’s natural benefits,
  • providing a faster-drying garment.
  • Travel Lite SS Shirt Mens – engineered for comfort, sun protection and durability when you’re travelling in warmer climates.
  • 24/7 Travel Tee – this travel top combines an everyday casual appearance with the function of natural and synthetic fibres. Soft on skin, quick-drying and anti-wrinkle, it’s perfect for
  • travellers.


These are the secret of smart, seasoned travellers, and an often overlooked

travel essential.Many first time travellers will know the frustration of a morning spent rifling through a large pack looking for one small item – only to find they’ve got to repack everything at the end of it. With packing cells, all of your gear is

much better organised, so you’ll know exactly where to find what you need.


  • Macpac Medium Packing Cell
  • Macpac Large Packing Cell


There’s nothing worse than having liquids over 100ml confiscated at customs – especially when it’s your expensive lotion or cologne! Make sure you check your airline’s requirements and transfer just the right amount of your cosmetics into smaller leak-proof

bottles such as these FDA-compliant silicone bottles.


  • Macpac Cabin Bottles


You can never be too security conscious when you’re travelling. Keep your belongings safe from prying hands with a TSA-approved lock. Only travel inspectors can open them, so your gear is generally safe from the public. You can also make sure the only

person leaving with your pack is you with an easy to identify luggage strap.


  • Macpac Quick Release Luggage Strap
  • Macpac Quick Release Luggage Strap Combo Lock
  • TSA Key Lock
  • Macpac TSA 3 Dial Com Lock


Travel Documents (don’t forget your tickets!)

  • Passport (if travelling internationally)
  • Luggage that complies with your airline’s requirements
  • Packable Day Pack for shorter adventures
  • Emergency & First Aid Kit
  • Luggage Tags/Straps
  • A Good Book for the flight – check out our current recommendation Mastering Mountains by Nick Allen
  • Travel-sized Umbrella
  • Drink Bottle
  • Torch
  • Portable Clothesline
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Personal items (eg, medications, hair brush, personal hygiene items)
  • Luggage Compartments
  • Suitable Footwear
  • Comfortable shoes for in-transit
  • Luggage Locks
  • Travel-sized cosmetic and liquid bottles
  • Packable Rain jacket
  • Lightweight down jacket
  • Merino Underwear
  • Softshell Jacket
  • Moisture-managing base layers
  • Comfortable socks
  • Sun hat & sunscreen
  • Travel towel
  • Dry bag
  • Shoe bag
  • Earplugs – you never know who you’re going to be next to on the flight!
  • Comfortable travel clothing
  • Snacks for the flight
Our favourites. Little things you might have missed, might not have been sure about, and perhaps didn’t even know existed!