Responsible Down Standard

Responsible Down

We feel good about feeling warm and we’re proud that 100% of our down products are certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Macpac is committed to using ethically sourced down - a by product from the food industry that is free from cruel practices such as live-plucking and force-feeding.

Since 2016, our range has used down that complies with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). All of our down styles are certified, so you can be confident in saying that 100% of our down is ethically sourced. The RDS is in place to ensure that any down sourced from ducks and geese comes from birds that have been treated well, and kept in environments that allow them to express natural behaviours and live free from pain, fear or distress.

The RDS is an independent standard - there is no legal requirement to certify our products with the RDS. However, ethically sourced down is something that both we and our customers value, and we believe we have a moral obligation to ensure that any animals used in our supply chain are treated humanely. Although we have always been confident that our down comes from ethical sources, RDS certification provides more certainty around this. When we say that our down is RDS certified, it means that the supply chain has been audited by an independent third party.

Track My Down - On all our down styles, you’ll notice a swing tag - ‘Track my Down’. Just as the name suggests, you can trace the region where the down in these garments is sourced from. These tags contain a QR code and lot number.

You can either:
- Scan the code and be taken directly to, or
- Visit the site manually and enter their lot number
You’ll be taken to a page that details the origin of their down, whether or not it is RDS certified and the IDFL report which details loft rating and down percentage.

Find out more about the Responsible Down Standard at


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