Made from Keratin, the same protein as human hair, wool has evolved to protect sheep from the elements. Its superior breathability helps them to maintain an even temperature, regardless of the season, making wool garments highly suitable for use in any weather.

In a study of global apparel consumer use data by the International Wool Textile Organisation, “researchers analysed the number of times clothes are worn before they are washed. Wool was found to be worn more times prior to washing than other fibres”. This is because wool is a naturally resillient and odour resistant fabric, meaning you can wear it for longer without washing it, whilst maintaining its shape after being worn — a characteristic that not only helps you save time, but saves water and energy better used elsewhere.

In addition to this, wearing wool is a more sustainable option as it biodegrades, even in aquatic environments. It has been shown to bidegrade at a significantly faster rate in soil, composting and marine environments than synthetic fibre, according to the International Wool Textile Organisation and “tests show that in ideal conditions, wool products are almost completely degraded after six months in the ground”.

We are committed to using 100% non-mulesed wool.

By 2025, our goal is to source 100% from Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) accredited suppliers. This will provide full traceability of the fabric and proof of ethical treatment of the animals as well as responsible management of the land the animals graze on.

Macpac does not use angora mohair wool in any products.

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