Summer - How to Stay Chill (When the Weather Isn’t)

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We’re on for on-season!

Welcome to the main adventure month for trails, travel, & all things water-based. Pack in the miles with longer days and pack a tent for those warm nights. We’re welcoming summer (and the heat) with open arms.

To prepare you for the season of sunshine, we have detailed handy tips & tricks to make the most of your expeditions.

Our Summer Picks

Summer is all about light layers and breathability. We generally love the sun. However, facing an ascent when it’s beating down on you can be downright uncomfortable. Our summer range keeps you cool and protected. You don’t have to show more skin to cool down – we have you covered (literally).


Let us introduce you to our chilliest fabric yet. Our Brrr° range is made from a cooling, wicking, and quick-drying fabric. The Triple Chill Effect® fabrics combine cooling minerals with active wicking and rapid drying technology to reduce the temperature of your skin. They also offer UPF sun protection.

The range includes short & long-sleeved, hooded & hood-less options, arm protection, neck gaiters & fingerless gloves for all-over chill. Shop the range.

UPF range

We said protection, and we mean it. UPF is the UV protection Factor rating system used to determine how well the item will protect you from the sun. It’s similar to SPF, which you will be familiar with, and follows a close rating system; the higher the rating, the better protection offered.

We rate our items in three categories: Minimum (UPF15), good (UPF30) and excellent (UPF50+).

Hats, swimwear, trail tees, and shorts, to name a few, feature in our UPF range. Shop the range.

The Quest Range

Meet your toughest travel companions. The range features intentionally designed, fully-featured bags made for all types of travel.

The durable luggage is made from hardwearing recycled Oxford Nylon (main outer fabric) with PU coatings for durability and weather resistance.

Combine with Macpac packing accessories for packability plus. Shop Quest.

No Hat, No Play – Packing for a Sun-Packed Outing

SPF, SPF, and maybe more SPF. We know you know this. But what else can you pack to make your outside time as comfortable as possible?


We have hats for all types of adventures. Caps, hats with a wide brim, hats with no brim, and hats with a built-in sports mode (that adjustable cord that sits under your neck). Pick a hat & pack it. Shop hats here.


This one might also be obvious, but your favourite spring trail just got hotter. Pack more water than you need (we detail why below).

Sports Towel

Maybe for an impromptu swim, maybe to shower in the river when you get to the hut, or for the perspiration. Whatever for, they’re handy. We have some here.

Bites, burns, & blisters

Refresh the first-aid kit for common summer woes. We also have handy mosquito nets for those evenings around the campfire. 

Pre-adventure Planning

What does summer bring that spring doesn’t? Each season has its nuances. Different layering systems, routes, and weather systems.


The biggest thing that gets overlooked in summer adventure planning is water. Some questions you might need to ask:

-            Will the hut have enough water?

-            Can I rely on the streams for water along the journey, or might they be dry?

-            Has there been recent rain?

Don’t underestimate how much water you might need for a summer adventure. If in doubt, pack extra. You can always eliminate excess if you find plenty of water on the track.


Hot tip – don’t plan for your 400-metre ascent to be during the hottest part of the day. Start early or a little later to ensure you’re in the best position possible during the peak heat. Sometimes, you can’t help it – but it’s worth thinking about.


Check the maps before you head off to ensure you can maximise your access to shade and water when stopping for breaks. It might mean having lunch earlier or later, but it’s worth it.


Arguably, one of the best things about summer adventures - daylight hours. With so much extra daylight, you can explore so much further!  

Summer is all about possibility. So get out there and enjoy it. Shop summer here.

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